Mankuthimmana Kagga


Mankuthimmana Kagga, is written by Devanahalli Venkataramanaiah Gundappa (DVG) and was first published in 1943. It stands as a prominent piece of Kannada literature. This collection comprises 945 poems, each spanning four lines, with several written in old Kannada (ಹಳೆಗನ್ನಡ).

Mankuthimmana Kagga explores deeper questions of life, reflects on the essence of Ultimate Truth (reality), and suggests leading a balanced life amidst the complexities and constant changes of our world. It encourages adopting a moderate approach, with one hand reaching for the Ultimate Truth and the other engaged with the tangible world.

Mankuthimmana Kagga fascinated me the first time I read it at school. I've been eager to revisit it online and share a snippet with others. But, I found it difficult to share it since I couldn't find it easily online.
This led me to create this website. This treasure should be accessible to all and shouldn't be hidden.

The content for this site was sourced from books and websites, and all credit goes to the original authors and publishers. I earn no money from this website and did this out of gratitude for DVG's craft.

I hope this changes your outlook towards life, as it did to mine!

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